Monday, March 16, 2015

Weekend Recap {sniffles and coughs}

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Happy Monday!  That weekend sure flew by, didn't it?  The three of us have been fighting some sort of a germ the past few days.  Ayden's dry cough from a week ago has turned into a nasty smoker's cough that garners lovely looks from old ladies in the grocery store.  Poor guy.  Thankfully he is still his energetic, spunky self, so the nurses at his ped office don't think it's anything too serious.  Hopefully this bug is out of our lives soon!

We had planned to make a Target + HomeGoods run this weekend, but the yucks changed those plans.  We decided to keep it local and lay low instead.  It was outrageously hot this weekend - 85 on Saturday - so we spent a good amount of time at the park on the bluffs above the beach trying to stay cool.  Lots of spa water got us through the days.  Ayden loves going to the playground, but does NOT like the grass.  Every time we sit him down he holds his chubby little legs up off the ground and scrunches up his little face at us.  Ha!

The view from the playground really sucks ;)

These two! <3
(how cute is Ginger Elsa in the background??)

There's an indoor trampoline park about ten minutes from our house, and after hearing such great things about it we went to check it out for ourselves yesterday.  It looks so fun!  Hubby and I didn't do any jumping but Ayden got to play in the kids' area and he was beside himself with excitement.  That kid was breaking a sweat from crawling around climbing on everything in sight (which made for some outstanding blurry pics...)  The minute we got in the car he was fighting sleep.  :)

Billy Ray Cyrus approved mullet.
Where has my tiny baby gone?!

Blurry iPhone pics for the win!

Hope everyone has a great week! XO


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