Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter Weekend!

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What a lovely weekend.  We spent all weekend outside, and I have a rosy shoulders to prove it! (oops)  Warning: many many photos in this post. :D

Saturday we went on a family ice cream date when daddy got home from work and then walked down to Granada Books to check out their Going-Out-Of-Business sale.  I'm of the old school and I need to hold a book in my hand and flip the pages, so it makes me sad to see bookstores close.  We did get some cute books for Ayden for a good price, though.

After the bookstore we drove up to the Santa Barbara Mission rose gardens to see the beautiful rose bushes in bloom and catch some sun and fresh air.  Incidentally, my Love proposed to me in those very gardens.  It's a special place for us. =)  Ayden crawled around like a prisoner freed. ha!  He got some puppy kisses from a friendly poodle and found a stick that he thought was delicious.  We were cracking up because he looked like he was smoking a pipe as he chewed on the crooked stick!  One of his new things is "sharing" with us.  I just love it.  He investigates something and then looks up at us with his huge brown eyes and offers it to us.  Melts my heart.

Ayden loves to "walk" while we hold his fingers and did lots of that at the park.  He kept making a beeline for the thorns on the rosebushes, though!

Happiest in Daddy's arms :) Can't say I blame him.

Easter Sunday was a busy, fun day.  Some great friends hosted an Easter party with amazing barbeque and Easter egg hunts for the littles AND the grown ups, complete with confetti eggs and a rousing game of Battle of the Sexes (ladies won!).  Ayden even had his very own Easter basket and got to "find" some eggs.  He doesn't quite understand the concept of "his" eggs and everyone else's ;)  Our besties are in town this week and Ayden got to snuggle with his auntie Marianne for the first time.  He was loving every minute!

Egg thief!

The kiddies ran around like crazy and were exhausted at the end of the day.  Such a great Easter =)
Happy week to you all!  XO


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