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I'm Nicholle.  I'm a wife, mom, country-music-loving, coffee-drinking chocoholic living in Santa Barbara, California with the loves of my life: my boys.  I love simple things like flowers in mason jars on the nightstand and crisp white linens and I would happily live out in the boonies on a farm with a zillion animals like Ree Drummond.  I am obsessed with fall and winter, and one of my bucket list items is to meet a real reindeer.

When I was growing up we ate dinner as a family every night.  After waking up before dawn and working all day, my mom would hit the ground running when she came home and always made delicious meals for us to share.  Now that I'm a wife and mom myself I realize how hard she worked for us and just how much we took her for granted.  I'd like to think I follow her lead, but I don't even come close.

Family built on faith was number one.  My parents sacrificed to send me to private school through junior high and made sure I had the tools I needed to thrive.  It is this kind of tradition and those core values that I aspire to continue with my own blossoming family.

I'm so glad you've stopped by my little blog and I hope you find something that inspires you while you're here.  For collaboration info, please email me.  Cheers!