Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Baby's Footprint Christmas Tree {crafty MOMent}

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Just a quick note to share a cute little project we did with Ayden for Christmas...  Foot print Christmas trees!  For Halloween we dipped his little foot in white paint to make a ghost on his pumpkins, and it gave me the inspiration to do the same sort of thing for Christmas.

I got non-toxic paint at Michael's, along with a sheet of plain white cardstock.  The whole project was super easy and is an adorable addition to our holiday decor this year.  (It was also a huge hit with the grandparents!)

Please forgive the stellar iPhone photo...

You will need:
glitter glue pens
gold sharpee
picture frame

Cut the cardstock down to whatever size you'd like for your picture frame.  I then poured a bit of paint onto a paper plate and used a small paintbrush to brush the bottom of his foot with a thin layer of paint.  Carefully press that chubby little baby foot onto the cardstock (this is definitely easier with two people).  Allow the paint to dry completely.  Use the gold sharpee to draw the star at the top of the tree, and use the glitter glue pens for the ornaments.  Once everything is dry pop it into a frame and voila!  So stinkin cute.

Merry Christmas! =)


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