Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Ayden + the Jellies, 2.0

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Another weekend has come and gone, my friends.  But it was a lovely one.  It was sunny and summery out all weekend (my apologies if your area is still stuck in winter mode) which called for a family ice cream date :)  Then it was off for our adventures!

Several months ago we took Ayden to the Sea Center down on the pier.  He was only 6 months old at the time:

iPhone pic + low light, sorry.  But those arm rolls!! 
We took him back this weekend and had so much fun.  While he enjoyed checking everything out the first time, he could only ride around in our arms as a spectator.  This time he had a blast!  He was walking around like he owned the joint and thought the touch tanks were the greatest.  things.  ever.  The very first stop was the shark tank where he met baby Jaws ;)

They were actually pretty cool, albeit a bit spooky-eyed, and they feel like wet sandpaper.  Ayden's thoughts on meeting a shark?  "Ooooh!"


The jellyfish exhibit is so cool; the whole exhibit is dark, only lit with blacklight (fun for the inner hippie!) and is home to some really neat creatures.  Watching the jellyfish float around is oddly relaxing.  I feel like I could lounge in a hammock and zone out watching them, sort of like a real life screen saver.  Ha!


Kiddo had some serious wiggles to get out when we were done at the Sea Center and he took the pier by storm.  I told Hubby we need to put a pedometer on Ayden, as I'm pretty sure he walked close to a mile on the pier that afternoon!  When we got home he crashed out and slept in late Sunday morning.    We were hoping to get out on the water, but the wind had picked up and the water was pretty choppy.  Hopefully this weekend we can!

Sunday there was a car show downtown.  The owner of Hubby's company is an auto enthusiast and always has one of his classic cars in the annual show.  We like to make a point of stopping by to see him.  He was busy collecting his awards when we made it to his spot, but his car was gorgeous!  Definitely worthy of the awards :)

As soon as we got downtown I grabbed the camera to start snapping away and found a dead battery instead.  WOMP.  So, Ayden's first car show = all phone pics.  Such a bummer.  Note to self: make sure to check the camera battery before you leave the house.

This weekend is Memorial Day weekend!  How will you be celebrating?  BBQ on the beach?  Maybe at the lake?  If you need a beverage idea for your Memorial Day gathering, here's a great one.  To date it is my most popular and most pinned recipe and was even featured on BuzzFeed!

In our day-to-day it is so easy to forget that we owe our very livelihood to thousands of brave men and women who have given their lives for our country.  It is truly the ultimate sacrifice and one that they make for complete strangers.  I can't imagine that kind of selflessness!  Without their courage we would not know the freedom we have here.  America is the land of the free BECAUSE of the brave!!

Have a great week and long weekend!  XO


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