Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Our Weekend {A Wedding + I Madonnari}

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Well, hello there, June!!  You sure snuck up on me, just like all the other months.

We've had a lovely couple of weeks/weekends and I've been soaking up every minute with my boys without really taking the time to put a blog together.  Let's chalk it up to Writer's Block ;)

On Saturday we attended a beautiful backyard wedding for some friends, which meant date night for Mommy & Daddy!  Abuelito and Lita came to hang out with ADogg for a few hours so we could sneak away sans diaper bag.  Nick and Kelsey's wedding was absolutely gorgeous!  You know those weddings you see on Pinterest with the spectacular flowers, perfectly strung patio lights, lanterns around the pool, candles in mason jars and hand-lettered chalkboard signs for the drinks?  Yeah, this was that wedding.  Absolute perfection.  I was trying not to be a total weirdo taking photos of everything.

I think this is my favorite detail of the whole wedding!

Husband says, "You look like a Baron."
After an ice cream date on Sunday we stopped by Old Mission Santa Barbara to check out the finished I Madonarri drawings.  For those who are not familiar with it, I Madonarri is an annual street painting festival.  Hundreds of artists spend several days working on their drawings and the end results are astounding.  I can barely draw a stick figure and these artists make their drawings come to life on a large scale on asphalt!  It's incredible.

Eyes on the prize... Nom nom nom

After wandering the art for a while we posted up on the lawn and relaxed in the sun while A ran out his wiggles like the little wild man he is. :)  A guy drove his RC car up to him and A was fascinated and chased that sucker like a lion chasing a gazelle.  He also got to meet two pups who covered him in kisses.  Needless to say he was pooped out when we got back to the car.

Have a great rest of your week! XO




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