Friday, April 3, 2015

Happy Good Friday!

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Happy Good Friday to you all!  How do you celebrate Easter?  Is it a large family affair with ham and an egg hunt?  Small Easter dinner with immediate family?

When I was a kid we went to Easter sunrise service every year.  It was freezing cold and dark out when we left the house, but it almost felt like waking up on Christmas morning.  My mom played piano at our church so we would get to church super early, help load instruments, etc., into the cars and would drive up the hill to a gorgeous hilltop home where the service was held.  The sun rose directly over the gazebo in the backyard and it was just beautiful.  I was even baptized in the jaccuzzi one year =)

Lovely Amanda over at Marshalls Abroad posted a list of passion week Bible verses that I just love and thought you may, too.  Her naturally dyed eggs are beautiful, aren't they??

The other day on instagram, Lucy of posted a link to her Easter printables.  I'm a sucker for printables, just check out my Printables board on Pinterest, and these ones are watercolors, which are pretty much my favorite thing ever.  Oh, and did I mention they're free?  Haaaayyy!  Check out Lucy's stunning watercolor printables here.


Have a lovely Easter weekend!


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